Adding a resident to an organization

How to add a resident to my organization?

Sherish Connect allows residents to view a never-ending slideshow of their family and friend’s photos right on their TV. Keep in mind that only a person with administrative access to the Sherish Connect account is allowed to add residents to the organization. To start adding residents to the organization, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your Sherish Connect account. Click on your username (top-right corner), then click “Manage organization”.


Step 2: Click the “Add resident” button. This will bring up a form where you can include the information of the resident that you’re trying to add.


Step 3: Fill out the required information on the “Resident” form. The following information is needed when adding a resident:

  1. The first name family member or the resident who’s staying at the facility.
  2. The resident’s last name.
  3. Their email address if they have one (not required)
  4. The number of the room they’re staying at (not required).
  5. The identification number of the set top box located in their room (not required).
  6. The TV channel the slideshow will play on.

You can also add a coordinator. Ideally a coordinator would be an alternate person who is be able to manage the photo album. Please note that you don’t need to specify a coordinator (you can always add a coordinator at a later time by editing the resident’s profile). If you don’t fill out the “Coordinator” section, then the resident will be the owner of the album. You can always go back and edit the resident’s information or add a coordinator if one was not added initially.

IMPORTANT: If you add a coordinator you can’t change that coordinator after the fact. You would have to contact Sherish at so that we can make the change for you.

The following information is needed when adding a coordinator:

  1. The first name of the coordinator who will be making changes on behalf of the resident.
  2. The coordinator’s last name.
  3. The coordinator’s email address.


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