Advanced menu

Take control of your photos

These options give you power to interact with your photos to:

  • Click on a photo to go fullscreen
  • Play/Stop photo slideshow
  • Download a photo
  • Add photo to the Print Cart
  • Trash a photo.
  • Add Caption to a photo
  • How many people have seen a photo
  • Sherish a photo
  • Comment a photo
  • How many people are tagged on a photo
  • View or change photo’s Location

Download a photo

Advanced Menu (Web)-download

Send photos to the Print Cart

Advanced Menu (Web)-Print

Trash a photo

Advanced Menu (Web)-trash

Add caption to photos

Advanced Menu (Web)-caption

Sherish a photo

Advanced Menu (Web)-Sherish

Change or view photos locations

Advanced Menu (Web)-location

Comment on a photo

Advanced Menu (Web)-comment

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