Getting Started Guide – Sherish

Welcome to Sherish! Let us show you around.

When you open Sherish for the first time, you can Sign Up if you don’t have an account yet, or Log in if you do.

Sign Up

Enter your first name, last name, email address, and the password you want to use. When you click Done, your free trial begins!

Import Camera Roll

One of the first things you’ll do in Sherish is to import your camera roll. This means that Sherish will get the photos from your iPhone’s photo gallery and bring them in to Sherish. Once the photos are uploaded to the Sherish cloud, you get several benefits:

  • You can still get to your photos in case your device is lost or stolen
  • You can privately share the photos with your friends
  • You can delete the photos from your Camera Roll and make room to take more

Centralize your photos

Sherish also gives you the opportunity to centralize photos from Facebook, Google, Evernote, and Flickr. Just click the icon of the application where you store photos, and log in. Sherish will import your photos from that location. You don’t have to worry about logging in to the applications because Sherish will never post on your behalf.

Sherish Tour

When you open Sherish, you see a carousel of your photos. From here, you can:

  • Open the Menu to navigate the app.
  • Swipe up to Share the photo or swipe down to Delete the photo.
  • Tap the photo for more Options.
  • Sherish the photo to show that it is one of your favorites.



Open the Menu

The menu is where you can navigate the whole Sherish app:

  • Go back to the Home screen from wherever you are.
  • Open Stations to navigate and sort your photos
  • Use the Timeline to see photos for a particular month and year.
  • Browse Albums that you set up to organize your photos.
  • Choose Locations to see your photos organized by the location where they were taken.
  • Tap People to see all the photos where a particular person is tagged.
  • Upload your photos.
  • Need Help? Access the Sherish support site.
  • See your trashed photos. Photos on Trash can be deleted from your Sherish account or restored back.
  • Customize your Settings to make Sherish your own.


Swipe up to Share or swipe down to Trash

When you’re viewing a photo, you can swipe up to share the photo. You can enter the email address of the person to share with and that person will receive an email inviting them to check out the shared photo.

Even if that person doesn’t have a Sherish account, they can see your shared photos. You can also swipe down to trash a photo.

Sharing and DeletingSwipe down to trash

Trashed photos will appear on Trash. You can remove photos from your Sherish account by deleting them from Trash.


Select the photos that you want to delete. Sherish will ask to make sure you want to delete the photo. If you are sure, Sherish will delete the photo from your account. You can also restore photos from trash.

Restore-delete photos

Tap the photo for more Options

Tap a photo to open the advanced menu at the bottom of the screen. These options give you power to interact with this particular photo to:

  • Sherish the photo.
  • Set a caption on the photo.
  • Share the photo.
  • Add the photo to an Album.
  • Record an Audio Note.
  • Trash the photo.
  • Tag people in the photo.
  • Send the photo to be Printed at an online service such as


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