Install, Sign-in, and Use the Desktop Uploader on OS X

Installing Sherish on OS X

Drag the Sherish icon to your Applications folder.

Install (Mac)-drag

Double-click the Sherish icon to start the app.

Install (Mac)-double click

Now you should see the Sherish icon on your menu bar (top-right corner). Click the LOGIN button to continue.


Enter the email address and password that you use for Sherish iPhone App. If you can’t remember your password, click Forgot Password? and follow the instruction to reset it.


Using the Desktop Uploader

After you log in, the the Sherish Desktop Uploader asks you to choose folders to upload to Sherish.


Finish the sign-in process by clicking the FINISH button


Using the Folders Manager

Click the Sherish icon and choose Folders Manager, where you can add and remove folders with your photos.

FoldersM Folders_manager

Using Preferences

To set up preferences, such as show notifications, auto-check for updates, and import from iPhoto Albums, click the Sherish icon and choose Preferences.



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