Locations on the mobile app

Organize Your Photos by Locations

With Sherish, locations are determined by where the photos were taken. To access the “Locations” screen, tap the Menu icon. Then tap “Locations”.



Select a location to view all the photos that were taken there.

Locations-select locationLocations-gallery

 Location Settings

Tap the “gear” icon (top-right corner) to access location photo settings. You should have two options: “Select photos” and “Change cover photo”.

Locations-gear iconLocations-options

Select photos

Tap “Select photos”. Then select a photo with a checkmark. You’ll be able to trash the photo, add photo to albumsshare the photo or even send the photo for printing at Walgreens.com.

Locations-select photosLocations-select-options

Change cover photo

Tap “Change cover photo”. Then select the photo that you want to use as cover photo.

Locations-change cover photoLocations-select cover photo



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