Advanced menu on the mobile app

Tap the photo for more Options

Tap a photo to open the option tray at the bottom of the screen and stop the slideshow. Tap the photo again to hide options and resume slideshow. These options give you power to interact with this particular photo:


  • Set caption on the photo by typing your comment into provided field under the picture
  • Favor the photo by clicking the Sherish logo icon on the lower left corner.
  • Share the photo by tapping the arrow icon on the lower navigation bar.
  • Add the photo to an Album tapping the book icon on the bottom
  • Record an Audio Note by tapping the microphone icon
  • Trash the photo

On the top of an advanced menu you can find the following options:

  • Print the photo (add to a printing cart) tapping the printer icon on the upper right corner.
  • Tag People by tapping the person icon next to the printer icon
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