People on the mobile app

Organize Your Photos by People

Sherish allows you to organize and navigate your photo collection by people.  Once you Tag a photo it will appear on your Menu screen under People.

To access the “People” screen, tap the Menu icon. Then tap “People”.



Select a person to view all photos that include that person in particular.

People-select galleryPeople-photo gallery

 People Settings

Tap the “gear” icon (top-right corner) to access People photo settings. You should have three options: “Select photos”,  “Change cover photo” and “Delete person”.

People-settingsPeople-settings options

Select photos

Tap “Select photos”. Then select a photo with a checkmark. You’ll be able to trash the photo, add photo to albumsshare the photo or even send the photo for printing at


Change cover photo

Tap “Change cover photo”. Then select the photo that you want to use as cover photo.

People-change cover photo-selectPeople-change cover photo

Delete person

Tap “Delete person” to remove that person’s gallery. You will get a prompt to confirm or cancel delete.

People-delete personPeople-delete person-confirm


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