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Adding Photos to the Print Cart

You can use the Print Cart to send photos for printing at Shutterfly or


To add photos to the Print Cart, click on any photo to  view the Advanced Menu, then click on the “Add to Print Cart” icon.

Print-send to print cart

Now your photo should appear on the Print Cart. You can choose to print the photo with Shutterfly or Walgreens.

Print-sent to

In this example we chose to print the photo with Walgreens. Just choose the size of the photo and quantity. You can also add a coupon code if you have one. Then click “Next” to enter payment details and confirm the purchase.

Print-Walgreens orderYou can remove photos from the Print Cart by selecting any photo then clicking on “Remove selected”.

Print-remove selectedTo remove all photos at once, just click “Remove all”.

Print-remove all


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