Share, Trash and Delete Photos on the mobile app

Swipe up to Share or swipe down to Trash


Share Photos

Swipe up to share the photo. You can enter the email address or telephone number of the person to share with and that person will receive an email inviting them to check out the shared photo. Even if that person doesn’t have a Sherish account, they can see your shared photos.

Choose the people that you want to share photos with.

Sharing and DeletingShare to

You need to “Allow” Sherish to access your contacts. If for some reason you denied access to contacts, please go to your phone Settings > Sherish > Allow Sherish to Access Contacts.

Settings Settings-Sherish Settings-allow contacts

View people that you’ve Shared with, resend invites, set Photo Permissions or stop sharing photo.

Shared withShared with optionsPhoto permissions

Trash and Delete Photos

Swipe down to Trash photos. Trashed photos appear in Trash(trash can icon). You can remove photos from your Sherish account by deleting them from Trash.


Select the photos that you want to delete. Sherish asks to make sure you want to delete the photo. If you are sure, Sherish deletes the photo from your account, not from your mobile device. You can also restore photos from trash. Restored photos are added to their previous locations.

Restore-delete photos

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